Kitchen Garden and Vegetable Gardening

· Use the winter to organize and decide what you are going to plant. Keep your seeds organized by sowing date and it will save you some time in the spring. · Choose plants that can thrive in touch situations. Disease and pest resistant varieties means a little less TLC is needed from the gardener. · Place plants with similar watering and soil requirements together, so that you can focus on one area at a time. · Practice companion planting to save time. Simple things such as height differences can prevent weed growth just because of shade. · Grow plants that act as mulch or fertilizer for the soil. Hairy Vetch and clover are examples of plants that block out weeds and deposit nitrogen into the soil. When not needed, cut the plants and use them for great mulch. · Keeping a simple, natural organization will mean less upkeep. Keeping most of the ground covered will make any weeds less noticeable.

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